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Surf Sconces Column Fixture

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He'e Nalu means big wave in Hawaiian. Surfers, beach lovers and those seeking a respite from the daily grind cross the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the peaceful waters of Waikiki, surf the daunting waves of the North Shore or snorkel off the beaches of Lahaina. 

Solid copper with Japanese high-strength etched glass. 

Size: 12" x 16" x 6"


Patina - Copper with hand-painted green verdigris (patina) detailing.  


Raw Copper - Copper without an laquer or patina applied. Copper will age as a whole. 


If you order in sets of two the column fixtures will come as matching and left and rights (as shown in the photos). 
Leighton hands draws all his designs before creating his copper light sconces. All designs are Leighton Lam's original creations and are copyrighted. 

Contact Leighton at 808.227.4116 or Kaily at kaily@leightonlam.com for information on installation of the surf column fixture.