Paradise Lights Installation Instructions

Installation is quite simple, If you are confident with handyman skills you can easily do this or have your electrician install it

1. The fixtures back panel has a cut out rectangle This allows the fixture to fit over the LAMPHOLDER and COVER that comes with the fixture, it might also fit over existing light bulb fixtures on your home. To install the new LAMPHOLDER and COVER follow directions on packaging. The cover plate has 3 holes which the lamp holder can be screwed into us. We recommend using the top hole with lampholder angled as much as possible, to do this loosen angle screw and adjust then tighten screw. Always Install LAMPHOLDER pointing down.

2. Be sure when installed the cover plate back is flush to the wall the light will hang on. This is done easily on most homes were the outlet box is recessed in the wall. If you do not have a recessed outlet box and the COVERPLATE has to sit away from wall, you will need to also have the fixture mounted away from the wall. This can be done by putting a wood frame an inch or two larger than the fixture around the lampholder, Frame should be painted before mounting fixture on it.

3. To mount fixture on the wall frame you will see 3 screw hole on the back panel, 2 on the upper portion and one on the bottom. Hold the fixture against the wall covering the installed LAMPHOLDER. Be sure the light bulb is going to shine were you want it to, mark on the wall the 2 top holes (use a level) and the 1 bottom hole. Drill screw holes at each mark. Screw the fixture to the wall, the 2 top hole first and the bottom hole last.

4. The optional top copper cover can be glued on if desired, not using the top cover will allow light to also shine above the fixture. The lampholder can take up to a 120 watt bulb, we recommend 60-75 watt for a nice effect. To change light bulbs simply reach up through the bottom end of fixture and unscrew.

base of fixture installation

Under installation UL approved wet location lamp holder with CFL bulb