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Hawaiian Ginger Sconces

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Known for its exotic fragrance, the Kahili Ginger is commonly found in Hawaii's Volcano National Park on the Big Island. Kahili means feather standard in Hawaiian. The Kahili was often a sign of royalty as it was usually present around Hawaii's monarchs. The ginger's head of bright yellow flowers, resembles the Kahili and is how this plant got her name. 

Solid copper with Japanese high-strength etched glass. 

Size: 12" x 9" x 4" or 22" x 11" x 4" 

price includes 1 sconce



Patina - Copper with hand-painted green verdigris (patina) detailing. 

Aged Copper - For indoor use only. Laquer finish applied to copper, creates the darkened detailing. Does not age properly when used outdoors. 

Raw Copper - Copper without an laquer or patina applied. Copper will age as a whole. 

If you order in sets of two the sconces will come as matching and left and rights (as shown in the photos). 
Leighton hands draws all his designs before creating his copper light sconces. All designs are Leighton Lam's original creations and are copyrighted. 

All lighting comes with a lamp holder and cover. Paradise Lights come complete, ready for easy installation. They can be used as interior or exterior wall mounted fixtures, all you need is an electrical line to connect with in your wall, on existing homes would be any wall mounted light, on a new construction be sure your architect / electrician plan for a power line to the area you want your lights. The lamp holder will take a standard bulb 40-120 watts.


Photo Credit: Archipelago Hawaii