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Ehukai Backdoor - Ehukai Wave Series – Paradise Lights

Ehukai Backdoor - Ehukai Wave Series

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This Surf design was originally created in sconce light fixtures for the Historic Pipeline House. The design is inspired by the legendary Pacific ocean North and West swells that create epic Hawaiian winter waves at premier surf spots, the most famous being Pipeline, the left breaking wave and Backdoor, the right breaking wave.


Ehuaki was the name ancient Hawaiians called this stretch of shoreline and translate to 'Sea Spray'. The Hawaiian sea birds are 'Manu-o-ku' or White terns also known as 'Ahi birds'.

The four designs are cut in copper and hand painted by Leighton Lam, no two are colored the same.  This is the first limited edition in metal cut artwork by Leighton Lam. The series is comprised of four designs in a limited edition of 928 and come with the certificate of authenticity and edition number. (example shown). All pieces are float mounted on white masonite with an optional Koa frame.

We will provide UPS mailing throughout Hawaii and the US mainland at no additional cost. 


Specs:  .025 x 8.5" x 11.5"  copper engraved Wave image is shadow floated 1/8" on 16" x 20" x 1/4" Masonite creating added dimension. Copper sealed in Polycrylic satin clear coat to prevent tarnishing.
Koa frame finish size 22" x 18" x 1"