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Dragonfly in the Garden

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Hawaii is home to over twenty three endemic damselflies and four endemic dragonflies. These intriguing fliers hold a special place in Hawaii, as they do in many cultures. The dragonfly symbolizes change and light. And they represent a deeper sense of self that comes with maturity. 

Place in a flower pot, use as a bookmark, wear in your hair, take off the stem and attach to something, any favorite spot will do. The dragonfly is made out of etched copper. Each one is hand painted by Leighton so no two are alike. The dragonfly comes in a signed gift box with a description of what it symbolizes.

Dragonflies have found their way into Leighton's artwork for many years. Appearing in sculptures, artwork, monstera leaves and jewelry. 


In Hawaiian we call them Pinao 'Ula


4" x 2"